Let’s Make Eau Claire the Leader in Wisconsin


My name is Laura Benjamin, and my goal in seeking a seat on the City Council is to work to shape the direction Eau Claire will take for the next 20 years.


I’ve lived in Eau Claire for 20 years. As a college transplant in 1999 from the Minneapolis area, I fell in love with the community and decided to stay long-term. I’ve been witness to an amazing transformation of mindset and opportunity in the years since.


In 2010, I started a business here, and have created engaging, good-paying jobs. I’ve been part of the Chamber and the business community for years, and have participated on boards for the United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley, Voices for Growth, the Evercode Foundation, and Clear Vision Eau Claire. Eau Claire has become a confluence of business, arts, and natural environment, and as such I believe our community is uniquely poised to be a leader in Wisconsin and the midwest for how a transformative community can flourish and grow.


My goals if elected are to increase opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs, to create the businesses and jobs that will sustain Eau Claire’s growth for the long-term. I will work to see wages and job opportunities further improve, and show UWEC and UW-Stout grads that they can stay right here for great career opportunities, especially for those who would prefer a calmer, family-oriented community to the hustle and bustle of MSP or Madison. I will be a proponent of diversity, tolerance, and LGBT rights, so that everyone has equal access to opportunities to succeed. And finally, I will promote transparency at all levels of government, as our elected officials are here to serve the best interests of the people whom they represent.

Read my full platform here »

Thank you, and I hope I can count on your vote!